In Search of Aztec Civilization in Mexico

hula mexico

It just reminds us of a small, dark-skinned Mexican wearing a big hat and a poncho. I was invited to Mexico inland tour by chance while traveling only in the Mexican maritime region. Mexico City itself was built by reclaiming a lake called TEXCOCO, and as a result, it still has problems with geological subsidence and earthquakes. Most Mexicans are Catholic. What kind of history will enter my heart today… .

In December 1531, the Virgin Mary appeared to a man named Juan Diago and told him to build a church, and it is said that the Guadalupe Cathedral was finally built. The Cathedral of Guadalupe is famous as the third most important apparition site in the world. Although suspicions have been raised that the painting of Our Lady of Guadalupe has been fabricated, it is surprising that the painting has no trace of brushstrokes or traces of paint, and NASA has concluded that it is a mysterious painting that is difficult to prove even scientifically. What is even more surprising is that 13 people were seen when the eyes of the Virgin in the picture were magnified with an ultra-precise science lens.

Another superb view that came down from Mexico for 3 hours is the hot spring water gushing out from the limestone caves of Tolantongo. Roast chicken or beef on a traditional fire from the old days, trim cacti of baeknyeoncho, and tortilla with stir-fried vegetables. Wrap it up and eat it. I have seen many hot springs, but the superb view is the best. It is a superb view winding down the middle of a high mountain, and the hot spring water rich in limestone and minerals flows down the valley and can be used by many people through the steps. Unlike tourist destinations, it was very quiet and I used to feel the innocence of Mexico.

A new culture and history awaits wherever they move. This time, the beautiful San Migue De Allende, a beautiful blend of Hispanic and Mesoamerican cultures built in the 16th century, has been moved to a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The statue of the hero who defended Mexico and the 18th century buildings have been preserved, and it is a popular spot where various music and art festivals are held on weekends. Guanajuato, located in central Mexico in northern Mexico, is also famous for hosting the annual Cervantes Festival, one of the world’s most comprehensive arts festivals. Another popular alley is that there is a legend of Romeo and Juliet in Mexico, called the Stairs of Kiss, that if you kiss at the third stairway, your wish will come true, so it is a famous alley where lovers line up.

As expected, the last road was the Pyramid of the Sun and the Moon of Teotihuacan, the largest pyramid in North America. As I climbed up more than 250 steps in a breath-takingly scorching heat, I could see the world at a glance. Excavated in 1675, this pyramid is one of the oldest ancient cities in the Western Hemisphere, and despite being older than the Aztec civilization, it still retains its original appearance. it can’t be buy It is said that the temple of the sun and the temple of the moon are kept at a long distance and supported by the sacrifices of that era, so that the soul floats.

I do not know the history of ancient civilizations well, but I learn world history by traveling everywhere. When I was in school, I didn’t study world history, so it’s not surprising that I’m late. It is not only seen with the eyes, but with the head, although belatedly, reminiscent of that era.