Christmas 2023 Special $1990

Holiday Special $1990/p

Departure Date: 1023, 12/17     2024: 2/11 (Valentines Day )






1 day
Location DFW/Montigo Bay Jamaica or each region
Detail Meet up with your guide by 8:00 a.m.

AA 1907 10:30 am departs 3:03pm arrives in Montigo Bay Jamaica

After customs procedures, meet the guide at the exit and go to Ochorio and rest

RIU Ocho Rios

2 Day
Location Ochorio / Duns River
Detail Let’s feel the contribution towards his hometown, the hometown of “Bob Marley” of the reggae emperor, and a contributor to his musical genius and culture, known as the icon of “Rastafari”. in the afternoon

The famous “Dunn’s River” in Jamaica is about 180ft (55m) high and 600ft (180m) long. Let’s go on an adventure tour with a guide to ascend the waterfall that falls from the ground into the Caribbean Sea and a huge natural cascading waterfall.

RIU Ocho Rios

3 day
Location Ochorio
Detail Today is the day for each marine leisure sport in the deep blue sea.

Enjoy nature and the sea, such as banana boats and pedal bikes

Option: Golf 18 Hole $ 180/p – Green Fee

RIU Ocho Rios

4 day
Location Ochorio
Detail Today is a day to reduce free vacation by choosing undersea sports or options with the sea.

Those without an engine can be used free of charge in the hotel.

Options: $130/p

  • Kingston, the capital of Jamaica and the 7th largest natural port in the world, is a legendary city where you can experience music, art, food, Blue Mountain coffee, history and culture.


5 day
Location Ochorio/Jamaica/Dallas or each region
Detail Enjoy nature with a leisurely breakfast in the morning, and transfer to Montigo Bay Airport in the afternoon with free time

Don’t forget the Covid test in the morning (24 hours before the US)

AA1909 6:pm departure to 9:05pm arrival in Dallas


  • The above product is a limited sale on Christmas Day.
  • The peak season of the year is limited to first-come-first-served basis for reservations, prices may vary, and may be sold out.
  • Depending on the flight and hotel demand, it may be sold at a higher rate after the low price is sold out.
  • Product sales are limited in quantity and will be sold on a first-come-first-served basis.
  • The hotel is based on double occupancy, and includes air ticket (changeable to 1 stop when MBJ-Non stop is sold out), hotel 4 nights, hotel transfer service, full-day meals and alcoholic beverages.
  • The driver/driver/guide fee is calculated as $20/p/day