Beautiful Island Ulleungdo

For the beautiful island of Ulleungdo, you can travel more conveniently by using carefully selected cruises to resolve ship cancellations due to weather changes.
$ 790/p – Daily departure (Ulleungdo’s season is from March to November in spring)
* Taste something special with 5 special meals of Ulleungdo
* A selection of must-see places with a convenient itinerary by the Ulleungdo Tourism Office
* Feel the nature while walking around the beautiful island of Ulleungdo with a comfortable schedule and freedom



1 일
Location Pohang New Port
Detail Meet up to 2 hours before boarding the cruise on the New Sea Island (in front of the ticket office), depart at 11:50pm

** Limousine service for each region (personal expenses – advance reservation only)

  • Take a rest after boarding using the cruise window cabin (approximately 7 hours sailing)
2 일
Location Ulleungdo Sadong Port
Detail After arrival, meeting the guide, breakfast information

  • Land Tour Course A: Bus tour around Ulleungdo (takes about 5 hours): Dodong-Sadong-Namyang-Taeha-Cheonbu-Nari Basin-Dodong
  • Nari Basin-The Caldaera Basin was formed when the central crater was depressed due to the volcanic eruption of Ulleungdo. It is a flatland with an altitude of 500m above sea level and the highest Seonginbong Peak (984m), and it is a mild village, so Ulleungdo is famous for harvesting various wild vegetables.
  • Seonginbong Climbing: 986m/Approximately 4-5 hours and free time

Hotel: DaeHo Resort – Annex style

3 일
Location Ulleungdo/Dodong
Detail Take advantage of your free time in the early morning and take in the beauty of Ulleungdo by walking along the “Haengnam Coastal Promenade”, the best coastal promenade in Korea.

  • Dokdo Tour – Reservation in advance
  • After lunch, land tour B course (including entrance fee to Bongnae Falls) – takes about 2 hours and 30 minutes
  • Departure from Dodong – Jeodeong – Naesujeo Observatory – Bongnae Falls – Chotdaebawi Rock – Dodong, etc.)
  • Yaksu Park, Dokdo Museum & Cable Ride / Free Tour

Hotel: DaeHo Resort – Annex style

4 일
Location Ulleungdo/Sadong Port
Detail This morning, you can freely tour the famous seafood market in Ulleungdo.

  • After gathering at Sadong Port Passenger Terminal, board the New Cidahopal (approximately 6 hours and 30 minutes) – 12:30pm
  • After arriving at Pohang at 7pm, free dissolution
  • After arrival, each local limousine service is provided only by prior arrangement.


  • The above product uses 2 nights in a hotel (2 people in 1 room) / 1 night in a window cabin (4 people in 1 room)
  • It is held as a special meal for 5 times in Ulleungdo, and it is free with an upgraded schedule.
  • You must arrive at the port and check-in 2 hours before the cruise departure time (Limousine service in each area is available by reservation only)
  • The above schedule may change slightly depending on local circumstances and selection schedule.